Bill Forecaster

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Welcome to your ERWSD bill forecaster.

Monthly water and wastewater bills will increase in 2024. This tool has been designed to help you understand how the new rates and rate structures will affect you.

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Account Basics

What’s changing?

Base rates will increase for all water and wastewater customers to meet ongoing regulatory mandates, upgrade aging infrastructure, and improve system resiliency.

Water use rates are being updated for two of the six account types in 2024; the other four account types will be updated in 2025.

The 2024 updates are designed to improve rate equity for customers and allow ERWSD to sustainably update and manage the physical infrastructure. The new rate structure better reflects the cost of excessive water use, which negatively impacts local streams and threatens our community’s water supply. Reducing water use helps us plan for a secure water future.

For more detailed information about rate changes, reach out to Customer Service at 970-477-5451.

2023 Water Use

This chart shows your monthly water use from December 2022 to the most recent billed month.

2023 Actual Billing vs. 2024 Projected Billing

Rate changes will be effective as of December of 2023 and will be reflected on your January bill. There are three components of your bill:

  • Water use rates: variable depending on use
  • Water rates: fixed monthly
  • Wastewater rates: fixed monthly

Hover over each portion of the graph to see the specific details of your use and charges.

How would your bill change if you used more/less water?

Select a month and use the slider to see how changing your water use will impact your bill next year.

This forecast reflects typical rates.


For more detailed information about rate changes or questions about your account, reach out to Customer Service at 970-477-5451.